Numurkah Leader
Dads gather for brekkie and bonding

IT was Dad’s turn to be waited on last Thursday, as Numurkah Primary School hosted its annual Father’s Day breakfast.

A record number of fathers, grandfathers and other important males attended the event this year, with the queue for sausage and bacon rolls stretching around to the front of the school.

Principal Deb Oliver told the Leader the event is a great opportunity for fathers to be part of school life. 

“For some dads it’s the first chance they get to be part of a school event because they are usually at work during school hours, but they make a real effort to come to Father’s Day breakfast” she said.

“It’s great to see so many dads here and to get to meet them, especially the dads of prep students.”

One prep dad Ms Oliver got to meet on Thursday was Kevin Cavallaro, father of Sophia. Kevin said that it was both his first Father’s Day breakfast, and a step back in time for him.

“I was a student here myself years ago, so it’s really interesting to be here as a parent,” he said.

“A lot has changed, but Miss Robinson and Miss Young are still here, which is pretty amazing.

“Usually, I’d well and truly be at work by now but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Whilst Edan Cockerell told the Leader it was a good chance to bond with his son Jordan in a different setting, Josh Tetley said the fact his son Cooper always came to him to ask if he could attend the event showed how important it was to him.

“I come every year because I know it matters to the kids to have me here,” he said.

Gavin Parkinson, who has three children at the school, said it was great to be there with the kids, and also provided an opportunity to catch up with some of the other dads.

However, Gavin’s youngest child Angus was a little sceptical about the way in which the event inverted the usual family roles.

“It’s weird that we have to serve Dad and be like his slaves,” he said. 

One dad who had been at work the whole time, was teacher David Jenner, who had been busily manning the barbecue to make sure everybody got some breakfast.

“This is always one of the best attended events of the year, and I think this is one of the best turn-outs we’ve ever had, which is really great,” he said.

“It’s about celebrating and promoting the role of fathers and father-figures and how important they are.”

Although his barbecue skills were in demand, David did manage to spend some time with his three sons.

“Even though I’m at school with the boys a lot of the time, this is my last Father’s Day breakfast with all three of them before Jackson starts high school next year so I’ve made sure we had some time to eat together and that was great.”