Numurkah Leader
This week in 1920: April 8

Important to Motorists.—A case of some importance to motorists was heard at the Police Court on Wednesday morning last, when Henry John Pearson was fined 2/6 for failing to notify the Chief Commissioner of Police that he had disposed of a motor car. Senior-Constable O’Donnell deposed that defendant disposed of his car in Melbourne, and a promise made by a friend, that be would attend to the registration, had not been kept. The Chief Commissioner desired the case proceeded with and reported, in order that other motorists might become acquainted with the law. A heavy penalty was not sought. Mr H. J Glenny (who with Mr W. C. Fitzwater, constituted the Bench) queried whether, seeing that the department desired the case reported, it would pay the cost of publication but the Senior only Smiled

Threatened Water Shortage.— The Water Trust had an intimation in las

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